How to hide notifications on the locked screen of your cell phone

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Discover the trick to hide and protect the notifications from the unlock screen of your Android device.

How to hide notifications on the locked screen of your cell phone
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Even if the screen of your cell phone is locked, you can check a preview of your notifications; But if what you want is to hide its content from the view of the rest of the people, here we leave you the trick to hide the messages for as long as you want.

Devices with Apple Face ID have a notification system that hides messages when the computer is locked; like some Android phones, but what to do if your smartphone does not have this tool? Here we explain how to solve it.

The following tip will let you know that you have several messages from apps like WhatsApp, but nobody will be able to see the content of the messages until you unlock your cell phone. In this way, you will avoid the curious and take care of your privacy.

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How to hide notifications from the unlock screen?

Hiding your notifications is very easy with the TrustNotify app for Android from Google plays taking advantage of the Gigas that your Unlimited Friend.

You only have to download it and connect your cell phone to your PC to give the app write permissions with the code from ADB devices (xyz.k4cp3r.trustnotify android.permission.WRITE_ SECURE_SETTINGS).


You practically don’t have to do anything else. Now you can not only directly hide notifications completely, but you can also hide the content of notifications until you unlock your phone. In other words, you will know that you have messages from certain chat or social network applications, but their content will be completely hidden from the view of the rest of the people around you.

No one else will be able to see your notifications! What another type of privacy on your cell phone would you like us to share?

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