How to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram without using another app


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The procedure can be somewhat complex, but the Instagram app itself allows you to identify which user has stopped following a profile. This is a utility that would compensate for the lack of a mechanism of its own in this social network to notify when a follower is lost, having to do it “manually”.

Some apps or websites allow you to check which followers are lost on Instagram, but the social network itself has a method to find out

The method is based on searching for the user who is suspected of having stopped following the profile on the social network, a user who can be located using the app’s search engine or by accessing the list of users who are followed. Once located, you must access the profile of said user.

The problem can come if that user restricts who can see their posts. Your user profile may appear blank either because you have deleted your account or because you have set a lock. If the account is visible, just click on its list of followers.

If that user is following the person making this query your account will be the one that appears first in said list, thus obtaining a confirmation that you continue to follow the account.

If, on the other hand, the account of the person making the query does not appear first in the list of followers it is because you are no longer following said user.

Although there are applications or web pages capable of offering this same service to find out who follows or unfollows an Instagram account, in many cases they request that data from the Instagram account be transferred or may violate user privacy.

They are tools that offer additional information, related to comments, trends, visibility of published content… in a less complex way than the method explained, but it is advisable to be careful with them if you want to maintain the maximum privacy of your Instagram account.


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