How to easily erase your visited places history on Google Maps

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1590564671 945603 1590564729 Noticia Normal.jpg

When they tell us that in June we will have to use applications to facilitate the monitoring of coronavirus cases to avoid infections, many talks about privacy, that if they collect data or that our fingerprint will be monitored by someone who will have access to our information. Well, what do we think that Google Maps detects and stores every square centimetre we travel around the planet and that also knows who we are, who we are with and who we know?

We will not say that one exempts the other from blame, but It is curious that we do not stop to think about all that intimacy that we have renounced for carrying a mobile phone in hand. So there is still time to leave the iPhone in the drawer and go outside bare-chested, without any screen to look at or consult anything.

Delete your visited places

Even so, if we prefer to continue with the mobile in our pocket, We have an option that has recently arrived in Google Maps and that will allow us to rest a little calmer, although it forces us to carry out an iron routine of constant deletion of those sites we have been to and which are adding to the history that the app stores day after day.

So we are going to remove those places that are part of our timeline And that, for reasons that we are not going to enter, you do not want them to appear in the timeline of your Google Maps. So we go to the app and click on our account icon at the top right.

Delete history of visited places.

Then We choose the option of “Your chronology” and we will see a whole string of options and alternatives. We are left with the tab “Visited sites” to bring up the last ones we have been to recently. Although in our case, there are places that we have gone through during the walks allowed in the confinement that he has interpreted as visits.

Now we are going to the option of the three horizontal points of that place that we are going to eliminate and a new pop-up window will appear at the bottom (or in the center of the screen if it is Android) with three alternatives. We are left with the second one, which is “Delete all visits”. From that moment on, there will be no trace of that place. As if you didn’t know him. Sorry, how did you tell me that hotel was called?