How to contact Vodafone customer service

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When we have to contract a telecommunications service, the only thing we usually look for is in its offers, however, it is convenient to look at the Customer Service offered by the company. More and more people are looking at this type of service, since it is quite uncomfortable to speak with an answering machine or to be transferred from one phone to another every time we want to contact our operator. If you are a client or are thinking of switching to Vodafone, this is how you can contact customer service of the company.

As with the rates, Vodafone distinguish between clients individuals, freelancers or companies when contacting customer service. In any case, the main means of contacting the company are:

  • Via telephone
  • Via email
  • By mail
  • From the mobile app
  • Through Vodafone chat
  • Web customer area
  • Physical stores

Vodafone customer service

How to contact Vodafone customer service for individuals

If we are a private client, Vodafone offers us a series of telephone numbers to call depending on the procedures we want to carry out, a contact email address and we can even send a letter by post if we prefer.

Vodafone contact telephone numbers

The operator offers its private clients a series of telephone numbers to which they can be contacted depending on their needs:

  • Customer Support 22123
  • Commercial information 1444 (clients and non-clients)
  • Exclusive customer service for Diamonds 1212
  • Exclusive attention for Platinum clients 22160
  • Data service and technical assistance 22155
  • Claims or customer service from a non-Vodafone number or from abroad 607 123 000
  • 22189: customer service telephone number in English, Arabic or Romanian.

Email address to contact Vodafone customer service

Those who prefer it, can also contact the company through an email message to the following address:

Post mail

And for the more traditional or those who get worse with technologies, Vodafone also offers a direction to which we can address ourselves with any questions or problems:

Vodafone Spain, S.A.U.
America Avenue, 115
Madrid (28042), Spain

Vodafone Spain has different Headquarters spread throughout the Spanish geography, A Coruña, Barcelona, ​​Gran Canaria, Malaga, Mallorca, Tenerife, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Vigo, Vizcaya and Zaragoza. You can check the postal address of each of them from the official website of Vodafone headquarters.

From the mobile, private area of ​​the web or the Vodafone chat

But that is not all, since the company also has a private area for clients within its website from which it is also possible to contact the company. To do this, all we have to do is follow this link and identify ourselves with our username and password.

The same can be done from the My Vodafone app, available for devices iOS and Android. Once installed, we identify ourselves and as soon as we enter the app, we will see how a Help icon appears on the main screen that will give us access to the help assistant to contact the company.

For those who are not yet customers, Vodafone offers a chat with virtual advice . From there, we can contact an advisor and he will try to solve all the doubts.

Vodafone customer service

In any physical store

We can also go to any physical store in order to explain our situation and see if they can help us just as they would if we contacted Vodafone customer service. In this case, if it is necessary to contact Vodafone, the person who attends us will be the one to contact the company for help. You can locate your nearest store from this seeker.

Support Forum

The company also offers care through support forums. A type of contact that many people appreciate, since their consultation is in writing publicly; same as the company's response.

Vodafone has a own forum within your website in which they attend to all kinds of requests and also have another in the official support forums of the operators in ADSLzone from which it is possible to manage technical and administrative incidents.

Different ways to contact Vodafone if you are self-employed or company

For those clients who are self-employed or companies, Vodafone offers practically the same alternatives to contact the company's customer service. Of course, there are some phones that change with respect to individuals.

Vodafone customer service telephone numbers for freelancers and companies

  • 1443 Freelance and professional commercial information
  • 1500 Commercial information companies
  • 22122 Freelance customer service and companies
  • 22555 Data service or technical support for freelancers and companies
  • 607 100 122 Customer service from a non-Vodafone number or abroad for freelancers and companies

The rest of the ways to contact Vodafone customer service are identical for all types of customers, whether individuals, freelancers or companies

How to contact Vodafone customer service from abroad

If we are abroad and have any doubts or problems with our roaming or any other company service, we can contact Vodafone as follows:

  • My Vodafone
  • Social networks
  • Vodafone Chat
  • Telephone assistance

My Vodafone

We can check the status of our roaming from the private area of ​​My Vodafone. Once identified with our username and password, we access My products> Consumption> Roaming and there we will find all the data related to the Europe Travel Rate, the World Travel Rate and consumption in other areas or outside our rate.

Social networks

Through the company's social networks we can also contact Vodafone's customer service and request free assistance related to our roaming. The maximum response time by an agent is 24 hours.

Vodafone Chat

Vodafone chat is also available when roaming, at no cost to Zone 1. To enter, we must indicate the password of our My Vodafone app and click on the Help section. Once inside, at the bottom right of the screen click on Assistant and write our query. Within 24 hours, we will receive a response from Vodafone's customer service.

Telephone support

As it could not be otherwise, the company makes available to all customers a free customer service number to call when they have a problem abroad, it is the +34 607 123 000.

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