How to activate the "private mode" of WhatsApp?

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Now you can hide all the WhatsApp conversations on your cell phone to the maximum.

How to activate the "private mode" of WhatsApp?
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WhatsApp is an ideal tool to be able to communicate, in addition to helping us to store a large amount of information, for example, chats of long sleepless nights with that special person, secrets between friends, work plans and more. All these data are personal and therefore we will teach you today how to activate WhatsApp’s “private mode” to protect your conversations to the maximum.

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Remember that if you have an Unlimited Friend, you can enjoy WhatsApp and all your favourite social networks.

Instructions to activate WhatsApp “private mode”

The app offers you several ways to hide your chats and also hide the information you want, here we leave you the steps you have to follow to protect the personal data of your account and stay on “private mode

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Lock the app with fingerprint

In this way you will block conversations with your fingerprint, this option will protect the content of your chats so that only you can read it. To activate this function you have to follow these instructions: Settings => Account => Privacy and choose the option of fingerprint blocking.


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Hide your chats

Hiding your conversations is very simple, you just have to select a specific chat and press the Archive option, which is a box with a small arrow. In addition, you must enter the options of that conversation and mute the notifications (8 hours, 1 week or 1 year). By clicking the Show notifications option, your phone will not ring or vibrate, but you will see a notice in the notification bar.


Hide the WhatsApp icon

Hiding WhatsApp from the screen of your cell phone is possible with the help of Apex Launcher, available on Google Play. You only have to download it and when you open it go to Hidden Applications to select the WhatsApp icon.


And ready! Now your WhatsApp will be kept in “private mode” and your conversations will be protected to the maximum extent from strangers.

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