How to activate the new Google incognito mode quick access shortcut

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Incognito mode It is one of the last shelters we have left when we want to go unnoticed on the internet in front of those websites, services and platforms that are eagerly waiting for us to see who we are, what we like, where we come from, where we are going, etc. So activating it from time to time in Chrome, or in Google Maps, it doesn’t hurt to keep giving away our precious personal activity data.

And the way to start it is not very complicated because you just have to enter the Google application that has it, click on the avatar and select the incognito mode to leave no trace. Now, those of Mountain View have thought that there could be an even easier shortcut to achieve the same thing without having to go to menus or anything like that.

New rules, new shortcut

The point is that Google has started to adopt a new mechanism to activate that incognito mode in such a way that we will not have to go to any menu to turn it on. That is why it has developed a shortcut that takes advantage of the long press on the screen to alternate between one type of navigation and another and that, by using it twice, you will have fully internalized it.

Quick incognito mode in Google.

The new quick way that the Mountain View have implemented is very simple. You go to the app that supports this method (for now only Google’s) and touch your avatar’s photo without releasing the screen. You will see how in a few seconds a circular shape extends across the page from the top right. Then you will see an alert about the data that is not saved while browsing this mode, but we did not cancel so we click on the upper left arrow to start using the app.

Now you are browsing with incognito mode activated, but what happens if we want to return to normal? Well, we do the same: press and hold with your finger on the icon at the top right of the screen until we see a new circle spread throughout the page, in such a way that we will immediately enjoy browsing through our Google account.

This shortcut that is starting to reach all apps was announced by Google a few hours ago in a statement informing all users of the measures they are taking to guarantee their privacy.

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