How to activate the flat rate of Android apps and games on your mobile Play Pass

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Brian Adam
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A week ago we learned about the arrival in Spain of Play Pass, the flat rate of applications and games that Google It had already been working in the US for a few months, although, as always happens with those ads, then we have to wait a few days before we can actually activate it on our devices.

And the case is that for a few hours, this option has already appeared to Android users in Spain, which is found within the configuration menu of the Play Store and with a striking card that announces that it is “New”. So let’s see how to activate it and, above all, the alternatives you have to save a few euros when hiring it.

We will activate the subscription

If you want, it has great apps and video games completely free (well, for a monthly fee) to avoid worrying about looking at the sources of everything you install, if they are legitimate and free of malware, then we recommend you to become part of that Play Pass family that is already growing in our country and that it is being renewed month by month with new additions.

To hire her We are going to open the Play Store and click on the three horizontal lines that you have at the top left, on the Google Store home screen. A menu full of options will be displayed but we are left with the “Play Pass” that should already appear. By clicking there, you will go to another screen that specifies what type of service we are about to subscribe to.

Google Play Pass for Android.

You should know that you have two possibilities when it comes to paying your fee, either doing it every month at a price of 4.99 euros, or annually for only 29.99. In the latter case, each month it will cost you 2.49 euros, so it is a considerable reduction of 50%. Now, since we have a trial month, at no cost, it remains to be seen that it does not end up entering within the period of those first 365 days if we opt for a single payment until 2021.

The reduction is considerable and it is enough to think about it, so choose well before clicking on the “Start” button. Then, The payment screen will appear as such, and you will have to choose which of the stored cards you are going to use. If you have a card with a balance exchanged, you can also pay it that way. Once you have finished choosing everything, all you have to do is click on “subscribe” to start downloading apps and games from the specific section of the Android digital store … as if there was no tomorrow.