How to activate or modify the subtitles in Disney Plus

How To Activate Or Modify The Subtitles In Disney Plus
How To Activate Or Modify The Subtitles In Disney Plus

The Disney + catalogue is one of the most complete streaming services and one of the most recommended and not only can you enjoy the dubbing of all the series and movies into our language

But you can also view the content in its original version or even use it to learn another language. Disney Plus subtitles are available to anyone who prefers to view content in its original version, in the original language and without dubbing, but also for people with hearing problems or whatever your reason for betting on them.

So there are all kinds of languages ​​available with Spanish subtitles so that we understand everything. But from the streaming service, they also ensure that the subtitles are available for people with hearing problems.

We found Disney + subtitles in:

  • IOS apps
  • Android phones and tablets
  • In the web browser of our computer
  • On consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • On some LG TVs
  • On some Samsung Tizen smart TVs
  • Other Smart TVs

You can activate them on any device, in any language that is available.

What languages ​​are there?

Depending on the content in question, there are more or fewer languages ​​available for subtitles. Disney + currently offers in Spain subtitles in up to 16 languages ​​available. As we say, it will depend on the content and the specific language for each title that varies. In addition, Disney ensures that it will add additional languages ​​as the platform reaches more countries in the coming months or years to come.

Activate or deactivate subtitles

Change the language in Disney Plus we can do it in terms of the complete interface or simply change the language of the subtitles when we are watching the content. Movies, series, documentaries. It is important to note that if you change the subtitle of a series or movie to a language, probably appears in the same language In the next series or movie that you are going to open and you have to manually change it again and return it to its original state.

To configure the audio language and subtitles you will have to do it from the viewing screen and adjust and configure the audio language and the text that appears:

  • Open any video content in your application or browser
  • Press in the upper right corner of the screen “Audio and subtitles”
  • Choose the language you want for the content audio
  • Choose the language you want for the subtitles, among those available


The selected language settings will be saved for the profile until you change it again. As we have explained, the languages ​​available in Disney subtitles + They may change depending on the content you are playing.

Once you have followed the previous steps it will automatically change in the applications and follow the content where it went. In the browser, you will have to click on the “Back” arrow to return to the playback and continue seeing where you were going.

Subtitle customization

To use subtitles in Disney + you can customize them as you need. You can change the style of the subtitles and the text that appears on the screen when you activate it. Once you change the style of the subtitles it will be applied to all the profiles on your same device but it will not be applied to the other devices. That is to say, on the same TV you will see that new style of subtitles from any profile but if you open the account on your mobile you must reactivate it if you want to change the style.

The steps vary according to the device and you can see all the subtitle customization options from the help of Disney Plus but we explain the most common ones: from the browser, from Android or from the iOS application.

In the browser

  • Go to Disney Plus and log in with your username and password
  • Choose which video, series or movie you want to watch
  • Press the Audio and subtitles button at the top right
  • Choose in gear icon to activate the subtitles
  • Choose the appearance of the subtitles and the changes will be automatically saved in the browser every time you open a content.

Disney Plus subtitles

From Android

For devices with Android operating system, you can also change the style of the subtitles easily and choose the size of the text or the style you want to have. In this case, it will not be done directly from the application but from the settings of your phone or tablet with this operating system.

  • Go to the settings of your mobile phone or tablet
  • Click on the “Accessibility” option
  • Go to “Subtitles”
  • Activate “Use subtitles”
  • You will see the details and configuration options
    • Language
    • Font size
    • Subtitle style

Disney subtitles on Android

On iOS

If you have Disney Plus on an Apple device, you can use it as long as the version is compatible with the streaming application and you will have to follow some very simple steps to change the style:

  • Access the configuration section
  • Choose the Accessibility option
  • Go to the Subtitles section
  • Choose the Style section
  • You can choose styles / Typeface / Size and color / Opacity

Once you change it, you’ll always see them like this on this device.

Disney subtitles on iOS

Consultation on subtitles

Disney + also has a section designed for subtitles and to answer queries. “We are committed to providing closed English subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing in all of our titles. Although there may be exceptions, most titles They offer this type of subtitles. Availability varies by language. ” From Disney + they make available to customers an address, phone and email that you can contact.

  • Susie Higgs, Director, Customer Services – EMEA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +44 208 3222 2362
  • Address: 3 Queen Caroline Street, London W6 9PE, UK