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Homeless people being told to go to Garda stations for help


This is according to Mike Allen of Focus Ireland who said the number of homeless families in Dublin is “well over a thousand.”

Mr Allen, who is the director of advocacy for the charity, described the worsening crisis as “horrific.”

“There were no hotel rooms, there were no emergency beds for 11 families, and the only thing on offer for you is to go the Garda station, and we had to give that advice as the only recourse.

“They go to the Garda stations, they’re told ‘nothing we can do, we’d have to arrest you’. Sometimes they’re put in a place in a security by the guards. Very often, the families won’t go to the Garda station.”

Mr Allen said three families spent the night in Fairview Park.

“The fundamental thing about this story is that it has to be seen as absolutely wrong.

“There’s no law that has been broken – nobody has failed to meet their statutory duties […] There doesn’t appear to be any obligation on the state, on the Taoiseach, on the government, even when they’ve been found homeless, even when they have children in their care.

Another charity, Inner City Helping Homeless, say they recorded the highest ever number of rough sleepers across the city on Tuesday night with 173 people on the streets, among them 38 women and two children.

A spokesperson for Dublin Regional Homeless Executive said the volume of emergency beds available had been doubled and were now available to any families in need of accommodation.