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Holohan the Hooligan Heroic again!


Tallaght’s Paddy “The Hooligan” Holohan has secured back to back victories in the UFC following his dominant victory over Vaughan Lee at UFC Glasgow.

The flyweight won in an impressive fashion as he took home all three rounds and was awarded a unanimous decision on scores of 30-27 across the board.

Speaking to InTallaght’s Jack Madden before the fight Holohan admitted that Vaughan Lee was an experienced fighter but said ,“We’ve been floating around the same division for a while even before the UFC came along and he’s a good guy with good striking and good floor game but he’s not Paddy Holohan!”

Holohan was going into the fight well prepared but when asked about whether he watches videos of his opponents in advance of his fights he was adamant that “some people get obsessed with the other guy, watching videos and trying to predict what he’s going to do but I like to stick to my own game because you never know what’s going to happen. You can only control making yourself the best you can be and if you can answer any question asked of you then you will not be beat.”

In terms of making a prediction for the fight Holohan couldn’t be pressed for an answer but told us, “I don’t predict, but I go in and fight the way I know how and leave it all in the octagon and with Tallaght and Dublin behind me I know I can’t lose. It’s that simple.”

With the win under his belt it’s time to look forward to UFC Dublin where Paddy is excited to appear exclaiming,“The UFC will not be coming to Dublin without putting me on the card! I’ve planned this year so I can fight in front of a home crowd. I fought in January. I fought in July. But come October it’s Dublin and I’ll be there representing in front of the people.”

With his new SBG gym set to open in Tallaght before the year is out and his game continuing to improve the Hooligan has his eyes set on greatness and is keen to tell us, “After October who knows? Maybe I’ll be going down the same road as Conor and getting a title fight in January. That’s the dream and that’s what I’ve been working towards and I’ve no doubt whatsoever that that’ll be the case.”