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Henkel announce new jobs for Tallaght


Henkel Ireland is to set up a new additive manufacturing project in Tallaght which will create 40 new positions.

The German company already has a large manufacturing and Research & Development operation here in Tallaght which employs 400 people.

Henkel said its “Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) project” will employ 40 highly skilled scientists and engineers.

They will develop new advanced materials for use in precision manufacturing industries, such as medical devices, automotive and aerospace.

Henkel, who are the biggest adhesives manufacturer in the world, said it selected Ireland because of the country’s “strength in high value medical device R&D and manufacturing, coupled with a growing investment profile in additive manufacturing (3D printing)”.

As well as its adhesive business, it also owns large beauty care, laundry and home care divisions and its products include Sellotape, Colour Catcher and RightGuard.

Worldwide the firm employs 50,000 people in more than 100 countries and has annual sales of almost €19 billion.

The investment in Tallaght is supported by the government through IDA Ireland.

IDA chief executive Martin Shanahan said that the move into 3D printing “is a significant departure for Henkel into a new emerging technology”.

“Henkel’s investment will help to further develop a pronounced national competency in high performance materials for additive manufacturing,” he said.

As technology improves, many companies have looked to utilise 3D printing as a cheaper alternative to traditional manufacturing.