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Health and Wellbeing Week Closing Ceremony on Saturday


Health and Wellbeing Week will draw to a close on Saturday September 19th, at a ceremony in Corkagh Park, Clondalkin. Mayor Sarah Holland will officially declare the event over at 2pm after the Laurels Charity Crew run in aid of console.

South Dublin County Council (SDCC) said that this week has proven to be a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of working in partnership with people to be leaders in looking after their own health.

All the events were booked out in record time which gives SDCC a great indicator of the interest that people have in their health and wellbeing. One of the highlights of the week was the Grandparents Day in Rua Red Arts Centre where 85 older people enjoyed a relaxing morning with Al Porter, a well known Tallaght comedian.

Teresa Costello, Ambassador for Health and Wellbeing Week said,

“I am proud to be an ambassador for this brilliant initiative, our health is our wealth and I am thrilled to see so many people from our community getting involved, taking advantage of the events on offer and trying something new. It is a fantastic opportunity to improve the overall wellbeing of our community.”

This is the second year of the SDCC Health and Wellbeing week. There have been over 70 events, ranging from events for babies to older adults, with a special focus on getting everyone involved.