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Has your car been imported from the UK? Well there is a one in ten chance it has been written off


According to the RTE Investigation Unit Ireland has become an import destination for cars that have been written off.

The report shows that ‘Category B’ write-offs, cars that were designated as unroadworthy and unfit for repair, have ended up in Ireland from places such as the UK and Australia. A lack of legislation here allows the cars in question to be repaired and put back on the road.

Vehicle history website cartell.ie has said that one in ten of all UK imports registered in Ireland over a six-month period in 2015 were previously written off in the UK. The website examined 29,089 imports registered in Ireland last year (taxed and untaxed) and found that 10.75% of those examined were written off in the UK.

Consumer regulations require car dealers to disclose a car’s full history, but some are selling on ‘Category B’ vehicles without informing motorists of all the details about the car’s past.

If you were watching RTE’s Prime Time last night you would have seen it noted that previously written off cars can lead to unsafe cars being on the road, and drivers having complications with insurance companies.