Green Party candidate for Dublin South West selected


Francis Noel Duffy, a Green Party Councillor for Rathfarnham and former deputy mayor of South Dublin County, was selected last week as the party’s candidate in Dublin South West for the next General Election.

Cllr Duffy, when asked about when the next election is likely to place, said, “The smart money is on mid- to late-2018,” he said, “But many people believe we might be waiting until 2020.”

“We have gained valuable experience working with constituents on community issues, listening to people’s views and showing them, a Green voice is on their side,” he said, referring to his own successful 2014 Local Election campaign in Rathfarnham and his wife Catherine Martin TD who won a seat in Dublin Rathdown 2016 General Election.

A founder of South Dublin County Council’s Architectural Conservation Forum, and a Board member of St. Colmcilles Community School. Francis is also a celebrated artist, whose “1916 Women Rising Up” exhibition in 2016 gained national coverage.

The exhibit highlighted the activity of the forgotten women who played a major role in the country’s struggle for independence.

“There’s always been a strong Green organisation here in Dublin South West,” said Francis, “And we know that a Green voice is important for the community’s wellbeing. Our mandate places us on your side, representing society over corporate interests, choosing Green representation puts you and your environment first.”