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Govt failing to keep communities safe, Soc Dems claim


The Government has been accused of failing to provide the resources needed to protect communities from gangland crime.

The Social Democrats say the shocking events in Drogheda and Dublin this week highlight the failures of not investing in community policing.

Co-leader Róisín Shorthall says the immediate and very serious gangland challenges need to be tackled urgently.

“I think there’s a lot of public anxiety and fear about the level of gangland crime.

“Those kind of very serious cases need all the garda resources that can be made available.”

But she believes there are longer term issues that have to be dealt with to stop these kind of incidents becoming the norm:

The recent violent deaths of Keane Mulready-Woods and Cameron Blair have put crime at the forefront in this election campaign.

Despite those deaths, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar that Ireland is a “safe” country.

“Ireland is a country that thankfully relative to other countries has a relatively low crime rate and a relatively low murder rate,” the Taoiseach told reporters yesterday.

“That doesn’t detract in any way from the seriousness of the crimes that we have witnessed in the last number of days which are unspeakable and are appalling.