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Government could open bus lanes during strike


Leo Varadkar has admitted the Government does have the power to allow motorists to use bus lanes during the Dublin Bus strike.

However, he said there are safety reasons for not letting them as they could cause accidents because they are not ‘trained’ to use to them.

Social Protection Minister Varadkar served as Transport Minister during a three-day strike in 2012.

He said it was up to current Transport Minister Shane Ross to consider the way forward in this instance.

He said:

“They’re still used by other bus services and taxis.

“Bus and taxi drivers are trained in how to weave in and out of bus lanes, having a whole stream of private cars suddenly stopping in the middle of the road where the bus lane stops could create road safety issues.”

In 2000 drivers were allowed to use bus lanes when Mary O’Rourke was the Minister at large.

It’s estimated that up to 400,000 people will be affected during day two of the strike today with more planned for later this month.

What do InTallaght readers think, should motorists be allowed to use bus lanes?