Google Photos tells you how much time is left for a photo to be purged from the trash

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Google Photos tells you how much time is left for a photo to be purged from the trash

Android doesn’t have a recycle bin like Windows, but Google Photos does. The photos you delete in Google Photos go to the Trash and automatically deleted after 60 days from the day you deleted them.

Until now, there was no exact way to know when a specific photo was going to be deleted from the Google Photos trash, beyond calculating the day you deleted it (assuming you remember the date). The latest version of the application and the web version of Google Photos now shows you the countdown to the final destruction of each photo.

This photo will be deleted in …

When you delete a photo or video in Google Photos, you are guaranteed that you have a grace period to change your mind. The photos are not erased immediately but are left in a kind of purgatory for a 60 day period. Said purgatory is called Trash, and is accessible from the application’s side menu.

These 60 days begin to count from the moment you delete the photo, so until now there was no way of knowing exactly how much was left for one of these photos or videos to be permanently deleted. This changes in the latest version, which includes a notice under each photo in the trash.

27 days left

To see how much time is left to delete a certain photo or video that is in the trash, you must use the side menu> Trash and open the photo or video. Below it will indicate then how many days are left for it to be permanently removed.

The period itself is the same as always: 60 days since you deleted it, although now you can know exactly how long a photo has left to live. As always, you have the option to take her back by tapping on Restore or make its removal immediate by pressing Remove. This new change is now being activated for users of Google Photos 4.51 and higher, available on Google Play.

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