Google Photos notifies you of how many days are left to delete a photo from the trash

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1591081800 769220 1591081964 Noticia Normal.jpg

If from time to time you do a cleaning in the photo library that you have on your mobile, this function surely sounds familiar to you and, above all, the way it works. Deleting photos and videos in the Google app does not happen immediately since it copies his philosophy from the famous trash can that we have on the desktop of computers, be it a PC with Windows 10, a Mac, etc.

Google Photos works the same way, sending to the trash all that content that we decided to delete and which we will never remember again. Or if? Precisely for those occasions, however few they are throughout the year, those of Mountain View put a safety net so that we do not lose anything important.

From the trash can to heaven

All that content that we remove from the Google Photos timeline goes to the trash for 60 days And if, after those two months, we have not recovered them, then they are definitively eliminated and we will lose them forever. As you can see, this is a measure that we do not advise to stop using because making a single mistake with an important memory already compensates.

Now, as the deletion of photos and videos we do not always do it at the same time, that 60-day counter is different for the content we removed last week from yesterday. So is there a way to tell how many days are left before they end up completely erased? Yes, thanks to one of the latest platform updates that has recently arrived.

Trash of Google Photos.

To know what is the deadline left for a photo or video to disappear completely from Google Photos only you have to click on the three horizontal lines that you have at the top left in the Android app (and in the iOS app) and then choose “Trash”. There they will appear in chronological order of all the photos and videos that are pending deletion. We enter one of them and you will see just below a phrase with the time in days remaining.

Be careful if we want to recover some we will be able to do it pressing in the button “Restore”. Although if we want to eliminate it definitively without waiting for 60 days of grace, it will be possible to do it by tapping on “Delete”. Remember that if what you want is to get immediate free space to continue storing more memories, the best thing is to do an instant complete erase because, otherwise, those megas you are looking for will not be free until after two months.