Google One already allows you to make backup copies of your smartphone

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Many users do not know but All of us who have a Gmail account have space on Google One. Be it the 15 gigabytes of the gift we have to upload everything we do digitally on a daily basis, or a little more space if we hire an extra storage plan of hundreds of GB, or some other TB. So what we have announced those of Mountain View interests us, very much.

For a few hours, the free users of the Google One app have two great added functions that will be very useful. The first is nothing other than the one to know in detail everything that they have stored in their cloud to manage it quickly. That is, knowing how many megabytes are occupied by Gmail emails, how many by images in Photos or Drive files, text documents, spreadsheets and, here comes the second novelty, the backup copies of our smartphone. Information that until now we had only through the web browser on the official page of the service and always for users of payment plans.

New Google One app for Android.

The idea that Google has about these new functions serve so that we can clean when we want everything we store in a clear and simple way, centralized around a single site and not scattered by each one of the apps that those of Mountain View have published in the online stores of both iOS and Android. In this way, it will be possible to see which files are the most used, which are the least, of how many types we have them, check for duplicates and, in that case, eliminate them all quickly to gain a few more megabytes.

Currently on Android

It goes without saying that these extra functions of Google One will have its replica in iOS, for those users who use Google services with their iPhone or iPad, and for whom cloud storage is just as important. What those of Mountain View warns, is that this version of the app for Apple devices will come later so right now it is maintained with the standard functionalities, which are quite limited.

This update of the Google One application will help you users can more easily hire extra space in case they run out of it as they are filling with new emails or files in Photos, Documents, Drive, etc. Plans that we remind you, start with prices of just three euros per month for 100GB of storage that can be used to keep a permanent backup of your smartphone updated. Something that never hurts.