Google Maps already shows metro and bus connections from anywhere

Google Maps already shows metro and bus connections from anywhere
Google Maps Already Shows Metro And Bus Connections From Anywhere

Now it is easier to know how to get anywhere.

Google Maps already shows metro and bus connections from anywhere

Google Maps has these things, that you suddenly come in a day after an update that apparently doesn’t change anything, and you find new data and resources with which to easily reach any site. And if you are one of those who regularly use public transport, this novelty will come as a pearl.

Basically because, at last, they have added information that many users expected and that It will provide them with the way to get to any point they indicate on the map. Until now Google Maps offered routes on how to get to a site through navigation mode, but we hardly had any information on what alternatives we had simply by tapping on a point of interest, or any other on the map.

New “nearby stations”

Thus the things, the iOS version has just added a new section to all the information offered by the platform around a point on the map. If by touching we manage to open a tab from the bottom of the screen that indicates your GPS position, if it is open or closed, the traffic and influx of people and even a preview of Street View, now you will also recognize a module that they have called “Nearby Stations”.

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Public transport and Google Maps.

In this new section, which you can see on the screens that you have just above the Street View image, all metro stations, or train and suburban stations will appear in order, as well as buses that can connect us to the selected map point. Thus, it is not necessary to activate the navigation mode to know these data.

Further, if we touch on any of the results that it offers us, we will see a route of where it is located with respect to the point indicated on the map. It is a way to stop and know how to get to our destination from the mouth of the subway or the train and bus stations. So that we do not get lost and know the path we should take if something further than expected is found.

We have to say that This new module does not appear yet in the Android release, the last one we tested this morning, and that it does not have this same information. Whenever Google updates first on iOS it is strange, because it is like giving ammunition to the enemy, Apple, so it is to be expected that in the coming weeks you will have it available on the Mountain View OS. Without a doubt, a good idea that you will get used to if you are one of those who use public transport on a daily basis. And remember, the mask is mandatory.