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Good Morning America becomes the laughing stock of Twitter after calling Kermit the Frog meme a ‘Tea Lizard’


When you’re discussing memes on a website populated by people who really, really love memes, you should check to make sure you’ve got your references right before you try and engage them in conversation.

That’s a lesson Good Morning America’s social media team found out the hard way, when they asked their 3.18 million followers if the meme of US basketball legend LeBron James joyfully crying after leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to NBA finals victory would join the finest images in the meme hall of fame.

The other memes included in GMA’s tweet were a crying Michael Jordan (understandable), a tea-sipping Kermit the Frog and a lesser-known reference to a line from the 1994 film The Mask, “smokin’”. Except for that GMA some how got it so, so, so incredibly wrong.

GMA called the beloved character of Kermit the Frog a “tea lizard” and Twitter went nuts.

Anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes on the internet will probably know that the Kermit drinking meme comes from this Lipton Tea advert and has become associated with the sarcastic clapback “but that’s none of my business,” usually used after one makes a good point in an argument.

The ridicule of #TeaLizard doesn’t stop there. Even Miss Piggy isn’t safe.

Naturally, there’s already a Tea Lizard parody account and several think pieces on what #TeaLizard meme means for society. Some people think that #TeaLizard was a deliberate mistake, done to create a Twitter storm. Others are inexplicably linking the meme to whitewashing of black comedy. Apparently tea-sipping Kermit is cultural appropriation. Kim Kardashian’s oil-slicked naked body might not have broken the internet, but #TeaLizard might just do it.

Kermit has thanked the public for their outpouring of support in an official statement aired on GMA today.

So that’s that, people. Hopefully now we can all go back to posting cats who want to stay in the EU and arguing over pictures of brick walls.