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Ginzeng has opened at The Square Tallaght


There was great excitement this weekend here in Tallaght as popular restaurant Ginseng opened it’s doors on Level 3.

The Asian Street Food combined with authentic Thai cuisines has a number of restaurants located throughout Dublin, Kildare and Cork and they have now brought their delicious tastes here to Tallaght. Ginzeng opened their doors 20 years ago as an independent family owned business, opening their first restaurant in Ireland.

If you are a fan of a wide variety of oriental cuisines then Ginszeng is the place for you. From their Noodle Favourites to the unbelievable Wok Fried Rice there really is something for everyone and more importantly everyones taste and yes they even have chips for those of you who desire something less wild.

Drop in today, I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!