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Gino’s Gelato has officially opened at The Square


The day has finally come, Gino Gelato has arrived at The Square Tallaght! 

When we heard the news last month we were all really excited and yesterday our dreams all came true. December is a month of celebration. Yes, its Christmas but there is also something new to be thankful for this year. Gino’s Gelato is open on Level 1.

Ice cream isn’t just for the hot sunny days, in fact it is for any time of year, especially when it is fresh and healthy too! Gelato isn’t just the Italian for ice cream. It’s a whole new taste experience and one for which Italy has become famous.

Judging by the excitement of many of the customers throughout The Square yesterday it’s clear Gino’s is set to be a huge hit with the people of Tallaght.

As mentioned above, Gino’s is so well known due to how unique their ice creams are. Each ingredient is prepared fresh in each of their premises on a daily basis, using only the best ingredients, including 100% organic Irish milk. This process guarantees a consistency that wins over the taste buds of all those who have experienced Gino’s.

Gino’s will also be the only store in The Square to make freshly made crepes and if all that wasn’t enough they will also be making fresh Belgian waffles with Belgian chocolate each day. Gino’s gelato use their freshly made gelato to make their famous milkshakes in your favorite flavor! The gelato is made with 100% Organic Irish milk, which they feel is the secret to its success!

We at inTallaght spoke with Marketing Manager Brian Loughney last week who told us all about what we are to expect

“We are delighted to be opening a brand new store in The Square Tallaght, bringing everyone in the area a little taste of Italy. You will be able to enjoy the freshest traditional Italian Gelato, that we make from scratch in store every morning. We have also been working to improve our Crepe and Waffle recipes so that you get the best quality and flavours. This is an exciting time for us and to see how enthusiastic people have been about this new store in Tallaght has been incredible.”