Germany warns of chaos that pandemic may cause in Africa

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Germany warns of “chaos” that pandemic may cause in Africa

Germany warns of "chaos" that pandemic may cause in Africa

The German Government appeals to the international community to prevent “outbreaks of violence or civil wars” in various countries

German Federal Minister for Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller warned yesterday of the outbreak of violence and new waves of refugees when the coronavirus pandemic spreads across Africa. “The situation is dramatic, as the virus is now two months behind in developing and emerging countries,” Müller told the Augsburger Allgemeinen newspaper.

“I am concerned that outbreaks of violence and even civil wars occur in fragile states,” he added while stressing that the adverse economic effects of the epidemic hit Africa squarely. “Millions of people in developing countries have already lost their jobs and lack any state support or income.” In fact, “riots are taking place. Terrorist groups carry out more attacks to overthrow governments, “said the Social Christian politician, who called on the international community to avoid the collapse of individual countries.

The 39,000 Germans who are part of the Federal Voluntary Service, a charitable, civil organization that carries out social work, are going to be mobilized in the fight against the coronavirus, as stated by the Federal Minister for Family, Franziska Giffey. Those members of that volunteerism who are currently unable to carry out their work due to government-imposed restrictions “will be allowed to quickly and without bureaucracy change their missions to help where it is most needed, in hospitals, nursing homes or in the provision of food. To those in need, “the minister told the German media group, Funke.

An online platform will start operating tomorrow for your coordination. To the 39,000 adult volunteers, we must add another 52,000 adolescents and young people. Twenty-five thousand of them already work in hospitals, nursing homes, and emergency services.

194,000 returnees

The German Foreign Ministry estimates that some 40,000 German citizens are still stranded abroad due to the cancellation of their flights and the closure of borders and airports. Berlin is striving for repatriation with a rescue operation that has been running for two weeks now in cooperation with German tour operators and local airlines Lufthansa, Condor and Tui. One hundred ninety-four thousand citizens have been repatriated.

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