Home Entertainment Gavin James hitched a lift back to Dublin from an unexpected guest.

Gavin James hitched a lift back to Dublin from an unexpected guest.


Travelling in and out of Dublin day in, day out is a daily task for amazing singer/ songwriter Gavin James. But he managed to get a lift home off a good friend that just so happened to be One Direction’s Irish sweetheart Niall Horan.

Gavin James tweeted Niall to thank him for the lift home

@NiallOfficial ! Cheers for the lift back to Dublin buddaaaaay ! my head was TOO large for that plane …

Gavin, whose song The Book Of Love has just hit an incredible one million hits on YouTube, is taking over our playlists. The star opened up for Ed Sheeran back in July and stole the hearts of the crowd. He then toured with the likes of Sam Smith and will embark on a US tour towards the end of the year. He released his compelling new video for ’22’, which was based on his experiences of being bullied during his school life, and Love/Hate actor Leroy Harris plays a young offender.

Gavin posted the music video to Facebook with a message telling his followers that the song was inspired by his experiences of being bullied at school.


“This song really means a lot to me, I wrote it about my experience of bullying in school.  Wishing pretty much that I was 22 and could be out of school and out of that time of my life,”


The video is one that would break your heart but this video opens up to show two sides of the story. The video is hard to watch but shows you that you never know what is going on in people’s lives.

“I realised later on that no one should let any situation or people make you want to wish your time away and there’s always two sides to bullying. Here’s my video for “22” directed by feel good lost, you can download now from iTunes or listen on Spotify. Gav”