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Game Preview: Mighty No.9



Mighty No.9 is an upcoming action-platform video game which is being published by Deep Silver with the development work being done by Comcept and Inti creates.

The game has taken inspiration from 8 and 16-bit classic games taking what people really enjoyed about them and with the help of modern technology, fresh mechanics and also fan input created this classic 2D action video game.

In Mighty No.9 you play as Beck, he is the ninth in line of powerful robots, however he is the only one of the nine who was not infected by a mysterious computer virus that has caused mechanized creatures all over the world to run rampant. Beck must fight these rogue robots who are causing havoc throughout the world while also trying to find out who’s the villain that released the virus which is threatening the fate of the planet.

The main single player campaign has 12 stages which you must run, jump, blast or transform your way through. Mighty No.9 opens with an intro level which is then followed by the eight other main stages of the game which is chosen by each user what order they want to do them in.

Becks main ability is his dash ability although he can also shoot his enemies. The best way of defeating Becks enemies is to weaken them by shooting them and once their health is at a certain level Beck can then use his dash ability to destroy them. By dashing through his enemies Beck collects what is known as Xel, the Xel then grants Beck temporary improvements like increased power or speed.

It’s not only the in game villains which Beck can absorb Xel from but at the end of every stage is a boss which you must defeat. In defeating these bosses Beck gets some new features such as transformation forms one of which is a magnetic limb.


The game doesn’t only feature a main story, upon completing the game you will unlock a feature called New Game plus. This is seen as an extended edition of the main game but with the difficulty levels going up making the game more challenging.

Mighty No.9 also features a Single Player Challenge Mode, a Boss Rush Mode, a 2 Player Online Race Battle Mode as well as a 2 Player Online Co-Op Challenge Mode with Leaderboards and Ranking meaning you can track your progress against your friends and gamers all over the world.

The game was expected to only be released for Windows however following a successful funding campaign with the help of Kickstarter the game will be released across all platforms including current gen, next-gen and handheld consoles.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Mighty No.9 will cost you €44.99, whereas the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS version of the game will set you back €49.99 with all prices coming from Gamestop. The game is released on February 12th, however no release date is available for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.

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