Game Of Thrones 6 premiere: The shocking twist that blew everyone’s minds


If you haven’t watched the new Game Of Thrones episode and are avoiding all SPOILERS, then look away now.

We waited for nine long months to find out whether Jon Snow really died after appearing to have been struck down by one of his fellow Night’s Watchmen.

But the opening scene of he Season 6 premiere made it pretty clear: The illegitimate son of Ned Stark is really dead.

And we are still reeling from the shock.

Although there was still hope…

In fact, seeing Melisandre made us even more hopeful Kit Harington would be back on our screens by the end of the episode.

Game of Thrones: Melisandre.
(Sky Atlantic)

But alas! Our wishes weren’t granted by the GoT screenplay writers…

But NO ONE was quite prepared for what happened when the Red Woman took off her necklace…

… and turn into a really, really old woman.

The shocking revelation leads to this important question…

Makes you wish you could binge-watch it all!

Until next week then…