Future Sonic the Hedgehog games could feature Crash Bandicoot, Adventure Time and even Dragon Ball Z


An email survey sent out by Sega is getting fans of Sonic the Hedgehog and the ’90s in general very excited.

The survey asked for general feedback on recent Sonic games, before going on to ask for opinions on Sonic the Hedgehog crossovers. We’ve already seen Sonic feature with the likes of Nintendo’s Mario and now Sega are wondering who else Sonic fans would like to see the famous hedgehog partnered with.

Names mentioned included companies like Nintendo, Capcom and Disney, as well as Dragon Ball Z and Adventure Time. We’re not entirely sure how a Super Sonic x Super Saiyan crossover would work, but it sounds like something we’d like to see.

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Other characters mentioned specifically were Crash Bandicoot and Rachet & Clank, as well as Pikachu – all very exciting stuff.

The survey doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get a Sonic crossover with any of these characters, though, especially considering My Little Pony was an option on the survey, and one that might get a lot of votes. But it is the 25th year of Sonic’s existence, and Sega will likely have big plans to celebrate. Let’s hope they’re good ones.