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Frontline Gardai say they’ve never received counter terrorism training


Following Saturday night’s attack at London Bridge the Garda Representative Association (GRA) said they have not been properly trained to deal with a similar incident in this country.

Garda James Morrisroe, who is the GRA representative for Cavan-Monaghan, said:

“As we’ve seen in London, the person on the scene was a frontline police officer, just using his baton,

“He waded in and done his best, and he was aided by three other frontline police officers.

“So they’re the people that’s on the frontline. And you pose the question ‘Have we received any counter-terrorism training in relation to recent events on the ground?’ – no, we haven’t.”

The GRA also said that because lone-wolf low-cost attacks require little planning or financing, it was vital the Garda was more prepared than they are at present to deal with the aftermath of such an incident.

Rank and file officers in all other European countries had been given anti-terrorism training by their police forces according to the GRA.

Even though the Emergency Response Unit and Regional Support Units are trained to deal with armed incidents, including terrorism, the GRA believes it is important that frontline gardaí know exactly what to do to keep the public safe in the event of a terrorist incident.