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From Sydney to Paris – Tallaght girl who will make the ultimate trip across the world to watch Ireland play this summer


Many here in Ireland will take the hour and a half journey to France this summer to see Ireland take part in the 2016 Euro’s but what about traveling from the other side of the world?

Tallaght native Sinead Croft will do just that next month as she travels 10,532 miles to watch Ireland participate in the competition. Sinead who is from Kilnamanagh moved to Sydney, Australia last year but wouldn’t let living on another continent hold her back from supporting her country.


With only a few weeks left till all the Irish descend on the French capital we at InTallaght caught up with Sinead who told us as soon as Ireland qualified for the tournament she began to organise her travel, which took a lot more planning than those of us that will travel from Ireland;

“I’m a huge Ireland fan and since moving to Australia I have continued to support them. There is a massive Irish community in Sydney so you feel right at home while going to the pub while watching the games. As soon as Ireland qualified I started organising my flights. Im traveling back alone but will meet up with my two friends from Dublin who will be coming with me to the game. My boyfriend is Scottish so he’s not too impressed that I’ll be there and he won’t this summer, especially since it was Ireland that took Scotland’s place. I really cannot wait for the trip now and who knows when I’ll make it home especially if Ireland make it out of their group”.

Sinead will stop off to say hello to her family in Dublin first before meeting up with her two friends, and then will set off for France. When she returns to Australia is yet to be decided, depending on how Ireland do in their three games, although Sinead does sound confident and hopes to see Ireland show a “statement of intent” in their first game of the tournament against Sweden.

As fans travel from all over the country to France this summer we have no doubt that Sinead’s trip from literally the other side of the world will bring the boys in green all the luck they need.