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Free online game launched to drive home road safety message to young drivers


A new online game hopes to educate young drivers about road safety by testing their abilities to handle challenging driving scenarios.

Ireland’s first dedicated telematics (devices used to calculate driving ability, which affects premiums) insurer, BoxyMo.ie yesterday launched an online game targeted at Dublin’s younger drivers.

Available to play at www.boxymo.ie/game, the game is playable on mobile, desktop and tablet and will serve as a vehicle to educate young drivers on road safety.

The BoxyMo.ie game stars characters from the newly launched TV ad, such as Ed Steerin, Kelly Cardashian and Justin Beeper.

Players are challenged to drive on a virtual road for as long as possible with one point being awarded for every second of driving.

The difficulty of play changes frequently through real-life driving scenarios such as changing weather conditions and hazardous objects.

If players don’t successfully combat the obstacles, they are knocked out.

The safest, most skilled drivers will place on a nationwide leaderboard hosted on Facebook, in hopes of winning weekly prizes such as meal vouchers, cinema tickets and tech goodies.

The game’s focus is to alert younger drivers to the most recent Irish road safety statistics from the RSA  throughout, compelling players to be more aware of dangers on the roads and alter their real-life driving behaviour.

The BoxyMo.ie Game reminds players that the RSA considers human behaviour to be the primary cause of 90% of collisions on Irish roads, with distracted drivers contributing to more than 1,400 fatal and injury collisions each year.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, remains a key area where awareness amongst young drivers is needed, with alcohol currently a factor in 38% of fatal crashes on Irish roads.

Alex Todd, brand manager at MCL Insurance, the operators of BoxyMo.ie said;

‘Players will have a lot of fun with this game. It’s challenging and a little bit addictive with well thought-out characters and obstacles.

“We are proud to introduce this game to young drivers today, not only for its impressive gameplay but the noble purpose at its heart.

“The game brings to life everyday driving challenges in an effort to educate our younger motorists on the harsh realities of Ireland’s driving statistics.

“Young people who have recently passed their test are understandably excited about getting on the road, but they are not necessarily thinking about the very real dangers that exist when driving.

“A key focus for BoxyMo.ie is to communicate with young drivers about the dangers on our roads and the game provides a great platform to highlight common distractions amongst young drivers such as using mobile phones, drink driving and speeding.

“It’s the perfect way to say, ‘yes it is fun to go out and drive but it’s important to know the dangers as well.”

BoxyMo.ie entered the market as Ireland’s first telematics insurer in 2013 with a product where premiums are based on actual driver behaviour.

This scalable approach to insurance sees a telematics device fitted behind the dashboard of a car and rewards good driving by keeping costs of insurance down.

Rewards can be accumulated by a host of behaviours such as; driving within the speed limit, avoiding risky manoeuvres such as harsh acceleration, braking and swerving, infrequently driving after midnight.

The main advantage of the product for young drivers is that responsible motorists will avoid paying for the careless driving of their peers and save on insurance costs.

This works out as a significant saving with customers experiencing savings of c. 20%, compared to premiums not based on telematics.

To play the game visit, www.boxymo.ie/game and to keep up to date with the leaderboard follow @BoxyMo_ie on Twitter and @BoxyMoIE on Facebook.

For more information on telematics and tips on how to improve driving performance visit www.BoxyMo.ie.