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Free eye tests at Vision Express for World Glaucoma Week


To mark the importance of World Glaucoma Week this week, Vision Express is offering free eye tests. A new study has shown that Glaucoma may be detected eight years before sight loss.

As World Glaucoma Week (March 6th-12th) puts the condition at the top of the health agenda, researchers have identified for the first time evidence that red flags may be spotted up to eight years before sufferers may notice their vision is affected. The findings further emphasise the importance of having a regular eye test, with serious issues able to be identified and treated before they cause permanent damage.

The US study were recently published in respected journal Ophthalmology. Omar Hassan, head of professional services at Vision Express, commented:

“This is a landmark study because there is now scientific proof of a significant window of time – up to eight years – during which an OCT eye test may detect signs of glaucoma, long before the condition manifests itself as vision loss.”

With a survey showing that 37% of people put off having an eye test due to cost concern, Vision Express is offering free eye tests via a downloadable voucher here.