Fortnite, what a day: from Young Thug to the free full-length film by Nolan

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Brian Adam
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We have often spoken on these Fortnite pages, not only as a video game but also as a virtual meeting place which welcomes fans of music, technology and more. In fact, its events go beyond the reference medium, creating new very interesting social contexts.

For this reason, we decided to offer you, on the pages of intallaght Tech, some content that analyzes these activities carried out by Fortnite. We have already understood what people are doing during the concerts of the Party Royale mode, but today 26 June 2020 the title of Epic Games hosted another type of experience: the free screening of an integral film.

Yes, you got it right: in Italy, Fortnite players were able to attend, without even having to pay for the ticket, the film “Inception” by Christopher Nolan. Released in 2010, the film with Leonardo DiCaprio, “aired” starting at 11:00 this morning (at 23:00 there will be the only in-game replica), is the first content of this type broadcast entirely within the title of Epic Games. In fact, previously only trailers such as “Tenet” had been shown.

By the way, in other countries today on Fortnite players have also been able to see for free “Batman Begins” and “The Prestige”, two other films by Nolan. If you are wondering how the projection occurred, you should know that the film was shown to the players via a giant screen present in-game (as you can see in the video above). Obviously, there is the possibility of placing the focus of the visual on the screen.

For the rest, at 3:00 this morning there was the concert of Diplo, Young Thug and Noah Cyrus, which you can review through the video below (the in-game replication will take place on June 29, 2020, at 18: 00 Italian). We are talking about the premiere of the new album by the American DJ, so even in this case, it was a special event.

In short, Fortnite becomes more and more a place of virtual aggregation, since it allows people to watch movies and attend concerts with friends. By the way, all of this is available for free.

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