Former Mayor disgusted at homophobic attack on Councillor


Former Mayor of South Dublin Fintan Warfield says he was disgusted at the homophobic letter sent to Independent SDC Councillor Francis Timmons.

Senator Warfield, who is Féin’s Seanad spokesperson for LGBTQI rights, called for hate crime legislation to be introduced after Cllr Timmons last month received an envelope in the post with a hand-written vile reference to himself and his partner.

Inside was a picture of Pope Benedict, a typed letter about World Family Day and a leaflet about the Pope’s visit next year.

The envelope read ‘Darren and Francis, ‘The S***-Pushers Den’ along with the rest of the couple’s address in Clondalkin.

Senator Warfield voiced his anger saying:

“As a former Mayor of South Dublin county council, I am disgusted to see one of its elected representatives being subjected to such a craven act.

“Ireland has only recently entered an era in which elected representatives can freely identify as LGBTQI publicly and the actions of one coward should never serve to reverse that.

“Sinn Féin sends it solidarity to Cllr Timmons and further calls for robust hate crime legislation to be enacted without delay.”

Cllr Timmons said this was the first time he had ever received such a letter.

“Me and my partner are together 18 years and we’ve lived at this address for 10 years and never had anything like this. I’ve been out for a long time.

“My neighbours are very good and there’s never been any hint of anything negative. This is just vile.

“There’s no detail about who sent it, they weren’t brave enough to do that obviously. The front is very poorly written, either using their left hand or bad writing skills.”

Gardai are still investigating and if identified the culprit maybe prosecuted for a hate crime.