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Firhouse Woman Facing Third Neurosurgery in USA

Friends and family of Megan Forkan have ramped up their fundraising campaign after being told by doctors that the 32-year-old will need more extensive surgery.

Megan, known as Mags, was first diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome [EDS], rare connective tissue disease, in 2014.

She has since been treated at the Hypermobility Unit in St Johns and Elizabeth Hospital in London and is currently in Maryland for specialist, urgent neurosurgery.

Mags and her husband Jimmy, who live a few doors away from the Forkan family home in Ferncourt, were married in December 2015.

Jimmy told InTallaght that although the couple has had a tough start to married life, the support that they have received from family and friends has been second-to-none – helping the couple to stay positive.

They have raised over €115,000 since starting the campaign last October but have been forced to ramp up their efforts because of the unexpected complications after her last surgery.

Jimmy said: “Mags had a number of new tests while in the hospital that revealed that she had another rare neurological condition often seen in those with EDS tethered cord syndrome. She was told she urgently required a second neurosurgery. If left untreated this is a progressive condition and would have resulted in irreversible permanent spinal cord damage, being confined to a wheelchair, or serious issues with her bowel or urine system.”

Mags after her first surgery

“In less than five days Mags had her second serious neurosurgery. This was a completely unexpected surgery and one which had not been budgeted for in the fundraising.”

Despite the success of this second surgery Mags was informed this week that her third surgery would be much more extensive than originally planned, meaning that the family must remain in the USA longer than expected – with costs likely to run to €150,000.

Jimmy said: “Her next operation will be first week in June. She needs time to recover from her two previous surgeries, which were within four days of each other, as she is still weak and in pain. She needs to get stronger for the next operation which will be bigger than the others and we need help to get nearer to our target before then.”

If you can help you can visit the family’s Go Fund Me page and donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/magsedssurgeryfund.

As May is EDS awareness month Mags hopes that sharing her story will help to highlight EDS in Ireland – and help people suffering with the condition realise they are not alone.