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Film Review – Friend Request


Social Media is a scary place at times but it’s about to become deadly for one popular student.

The film opens with a lecturer announcing to his class that a girl from the year Marina has committed suicide, the camera focuses in on one shocked student called Laura and her friends, before rewinding back two weeks.

Marina has no friends and goes virtually unnoticed at school­– that is until one day she requests to be friends with Laura. Laura instantly accepts the request without any thought and that weekend posts pictures of her out enjoying life with others in the year.

This is when the tale turns nasty as Marina is furious and aggressively confronts her the next day.Laura soon unfriends Marina from Facebook but this has disastrous consequences. Soon Laura and her friends become victims in Marina’s evil plans and beforeLaura loses everyone around her she must discover the truth of Marina’s dark past.

This really is a teen horror that will keep you wondering “can it get any worse?” and of course it does. Who would have thought a simple click of accept could turn into Laura’s life upside down? A good one to watch with your real friends!

Check out the trailer below!