Worries about the completion date of the National Children’s Hospital have been raised between Government officials and the HSE.

Minutes between senior officials and the HSE Oversight group, which took place last October, show a staggering seven month building delay in total.

The Builder of the project, BAM, reported a 131 day delay for the facade of the main hospital building and a 58 day delay for the structural frame of the hospital.

The minutes obtained by The Irish Times also reveal a high level of claims by contractors for additional costs.

The National Pediatric Hospital Development Board said it would need an additional €15 million to defend itself against the contractor claims.

In response to these expected delays, Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane said stronger transparency and greater accountability is needed in the project.

He said: “Overruns from this project will lead to cuts in the capital budget for health and other projects will lose out as a result. We need to ensure that does not happen.”

The original estimated cost for the project, which was first proposed in 1993, came in at just €650million.