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Facebook test brand new feature on Irish app users


Facebook release “Stories” to their Irish users giving us the first look at a potential Snapchat style feature using their in-app camera.

After seeing the huge success of incorporating “Stories” onto Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, they have decided to bring it to the masses on their main mobile app. These “stories” are photos and videos taken and posted instantly to keep friends and followers up to date on what you are doing in real time. These stories stay online for only 24 hours and then are taken down automatically.

The new feature centres on the use of the in-app camera. Similar to Snapchat, users can add filters on their stories, add geolocation tags and add stickers or emojis. Stories can be viewed by users by tapping on their friends circles at the top of the app and once seen they have the option to send direct messages. These stories won’t show up on News Feeds or Timelines but users have the option to do so if they want.

Facebook claim that 150million people use Instagram Stories every day and with over a billion users on Facebook they expect it to change the game completely. With seeing the obvious obsession with Snapchat over the last few years it isn’t hard to see why Facebook are following suit to get in on the popularity.

IOS and Android users in Ireland will start to notice the new feature appearing on their Facebook app in the coming weeks.