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Facebook set to double Dublin staff


Facebook’s head of Irish operations, Gareth Lambe has confirmed the company will moving into a new property in East Wall.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Mr Lambe said the reason for the move was because their current building in Grand Canal Square has a capacity for 2,000 staff but Facebook’s plans for rapid expansion mean it will soon be well beyond capacity.

“But we have now reached over 1,600 and we’re growing so fast that it’s filling up, so we’ve taken space for another 800 desks in a new building in East Wall with growth over the next few years in mind

“Over the next number of years, if the business and platform continue to grow, we expect to continue to grow pretty substantially in Ireland.

“It’s by far our largest footprint of any country in the world outside our Silicon Valley headquarters.

“We see that area as having a lot of potential, a lot like the current area 10 or 15 years ago. We considered places with lower costs on the outskirts of Dublin.”

The move will mean over 10,000 jobs in Dublin will be provided by just two companies, Facebook and Google.