Facebook Messenger introduces scannable profile codes to add friends


Facebook Messenger has grown dramatically since it was split from the official Facebook app to become an independent messaging service of its own.

The site has added stickers and secret games, while Mark Zuckerberg has spoken of turning Messenger into a “platform” where users can pay for items, as well as directly speak to brands to complete purchases or discuss delivery options with them.

Now another string has been added to its bow, with the announcement that scannable profile codes are being added to profile pictures in the app so users can quickly add each other when meeting.

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So now users will be able to use their smartphone cameras to scan the new patterns that appear around profile pictures on another user’s phone. This will then add them as a contact once the code is recognised.

The feature is one already prominently used by Snapchat, and Zuckerberg added that the aim was to prevent mistyped names or numbers stopping you from connecting with a new contact.

The feature is set to begin rolling out from Friday, but there is no definitive word on when it will reach your smartphone.