Facebook: How to block your chats with fingerprint and facial recognition?

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App Lock was one of the most requested options by Facebook Messenger users and is now available on iPhone and here we show you how to use it.

Facebook Messenger has just announced a new option that you are going to love since from today it will allow you to be sure that no one else will have access to your messages even if you lend your cell phone since you can block your chats using your fingerprint or facial recognition. Do you want to know how to do it? Read on to find out.

Facebook: How to block chats with fingerprint and facial recognition?

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The feature to be able to lock your chats is called App Lock and is already available in the latest Messenger update for iPhone and other iOS devices; It is expected that soon it will also be integrated for all Android devices.

“This optional feature gives you the security of knowing that, if a friend and family member needs you to lend your phone, they will not be able to access your chats,” Facebook explains.

How to activate App Lock in Facebook Messenger?

App Lock is very easy to enable since you will find it within the Messenger Privacy options, you only have to choose the option and select every time when your fingerprint or face will be requested to unlock your chats.

facebook messenger How to block chats with fingerprint and facial recognition
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Messenger will resemble WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook wants to include more functions that are already present in other of its apps, so it has revealed that it is working on enabling options similar to those of Instagram and WhatsApp to choose who contacts you in Messenger and if its content can be previewed.

Do you like this new option? Activate it right now and keep all your chats safe.