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Facebook, after Android, the app for iOS will also have Dark Mode

Full support is coming to iPhone and iPad dark mode in the Facebook app. With the latest updates, users will be able to see the settings to switch to the black/dark blue theme, developed in April and gradually released to the public.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the dark mode will not be an intense black as you can see on Instagram and Facebook Messenger but will be characterized by grey tones with white and blue accents in logos and icons. This mode can be activated manually via the appropriate panel within the application and will support the global settings selected on iOS.

For those who do not know, however, on Android it is already present on both Facebook and Facebook Lite and can always be activated via the app settings.

The otherwise known as Dark Mode is not yet accessible to everyone, this is a slow-release to check for any problems with specific smartphones or versions of the operating system of Apple devices. There may also be a change of plans at the last minute, with any withdrawals of the dark mode or changes to the design based on the various options available to the company.

While waiting for the most popular and used social network in the world to change its appearance definitively, the developers have also worked on other updates and news, including a notification that warns if the news is old or not.

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