Edge improves navigation in In Private mode: strict mode can be activated in one click

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Edge has become an alternative when it comes to choosing a web browser. We can choose Chrome, of course, but the arrival of the Chromium engine at Edge has been a breath of fresh air which has convinced many users to give the Redmond browser a chance.

The support for extensions is largely to blame, but the success of Edge is not anchored only in one point, Quick Browser, it is also a safe alternative that seeks user privacy and the latest example is reflected in the arrival of a more radical way of controlling private browsing.

Strict mode in one click

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In Private mode, or Private navigation or incognito mode, because each browser has a different name to designate the same function, what it does is that it forces the browser not to store and save any type of information related to our navigation . Search history, forms, downloaded files … everything falls into oblivion when closing private mode.

Edge also has different levels when surfing the web, specifically with three, which go from a more permissive to a more restrictive way:

  • Basic It allows most of the trackers but blocks the ones that can be harmful.
  • The balanced mode, the recommended one, which blocks most trackers
  • The strict way It blocks almost all trackers and at the same time can offer navigation problems due to the high protection.

And now, In Private mode benefits from strict protection, so that we can establish maximum protection when browsing directly from private mode without having to go through the browser settings.

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Tracking protection in strict mode can be activated in In Private mode if we have the latest version of Edge within the Canary channel (86.0.573.0), which can be downloaded from this link.

Upon entering this mode pressing “New window In Private” Within the options, we see how a tab appears that we must move to activate the strictest protection mode. Once this mode is activated, it is set as the default for private browsing sessions.

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