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Dyson Supersonic Preview



The latest product from Dyson is here and the British based company which is already successful in the drying and hoovering department are now releasing a hairdryer.

First of let’s get the price out of the way as like most Dyson products it isn’t a cheap product. The Dyson Supersonic, to give it its proper title, will retail for €399 in Ireland. This is definitely a luxury item but perhaps depending on where you get your hair done you might be able to experience the Dyson Supersonic sooner rather than later. At the moment the only place in Ireland to feature one of the futuristic hairdryers is Dylan Bradshaw’s Dublin hair salon which is located on South William Street.

One of the positives about the Supersonic is that it uses Dysons compact motor technology to give you more power with a lighter battery. The Supersonic is eight-times faster than other hair-dryer motors and is also half the weight, which is a staple of many Dyson products, like its hoovers.

The Supersonic took three years and €50 million to develop the product and you may be wondering what is so special about this hairdryer. Well one of its main features, and probably its best is that it is a very quiet hairdryer and Dyson promise that it won’t scorch your hair.


The Supersonic comes with three attachments for the €399 price, and no a hairdresser is not one of them. The three attachments are a concentrator, a smoothing nozzle and a diffuser. The three attachments are to be used depending on what way you wish do blow dry your hair. The concentrator is for a blade of air, for people who like to concentrate on an area at a time. The smoothing nozzle offers you a wider airflow whereas the diffuser is used for defrizzing

When the Dyson Supersonic is released it will be in two colours, grey and purple and the design of the hairdryer is different to what you might expect as from behind it looks like a massive in-ear earphone. However, when the diffuser is placed on to the Dyson Supersonic it resembles more of a subwoofer than anything else.

The revolutionary hairdryer will become available in mid-June and the only store in Ireland at the moment which will be stocking it is Arnotts. Hopefully a more affordable version of the Supersonic will be available within the next few years because all indications are that it is a brilliant hairdryer. However, judging by the price of Dyson hoovers that may not be the case unfortunately, however we can always dream. For all the latest tech news keep checking InTallaght magazine or check online at InTallaght.ie.