Dynamo is about to do something no magician has ever done before

He’s walked on water. He’s levitated above The Shard. He’s even flown alongside a double-decker bus. But now Dynamo is taking on not one, but two game-changing challenges.

His Seeing Is Believing tour has just announced 11 extra dates, including three at the O2 arena, making him the first magician ever to perform on the venue’s momentous stage.

The star, whose real name is Steven Frayne, is tight-lipped about what to expect, but promised he’ll be adding a “few things here and there” for an “electric” finale to his tour, which will conclude in Manchester on April 2 after 111 shows that have enthralled 400,000 visitors.

Dynamo is ready for his tour
Dynamo is ready for his tour (Andrew Timms)

Even with 70+ shows under his belt, Dynamo is still nervous: “Nothing is ever going to prepare me for when I walk out on stage at the O2”.

But his determination to take on the stage that’s played host to Kanye West and Taylor Swift is part of a plan to leave a legacy of “pushing magic forward”, which includes his crusade to get more women into magic.

He admits it used to have an old boy’s-style mentality that was “geared to keep women out” or crudely sidelined to the role of magician’s beautiful assistant – but he’s changing that.

“The old type of magic wasn’t an inclusive thing. I though it was done in quite a distasteful way, objectifying the woman, which I didn’t like at all,” he said.

In response, Dynamo has released his own magic kit, which drew in huge crowds of women buying the sets for themselves at his signings.

“Everyday I get sent videos on Twitter of women performing the magic they’ve learnt in the kit so hopefully we’ll see more female magicians in the future and it won’t be such a male-dominated art form.”

Dynamo on stage
Dynamo seemingly defies gravity (Andrew Timms)

There’s one quite obvious reason in Dynamo’s eyes why men are so drawn to magic – it’s a surefire way to woo the ladies, he believes, despite once having a less-than-cool reputation. After all, David Copperfield dated supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

“I’ve never done too bad. Magic’s always helped in that department, but I like to think my dashing good looks and Yorkshire charm had something to do with it, too.”

He continued: “Every magician I know, and I know quite a few, don’t have problems getting girls. There’s a bad reputation from the old days, but I’m bringing it back and making magic cool.”

Dynamo will be the first magician to perform at the O2
Dynamo will be the first magician to perform at the O2 (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Could we see a Dynamo dating agency in the future, then? Only last week, the magician helped a man propose on stage during this tour.

“It was a good job she said yes, that would have been awkward. I’m honoured they chose a Dynamo show because it shows the power of magic, as corny as that sounds.”

But there’s another career in the pipeline if magician and matchmaker fall through. Dynamo has just released a range of illusion-based wallpaper with designer Kelly Hoppen, his fellow ambassador at The Prince’s Trust, and he reveals that interior design was his first passion.

“I actually did interior design at college, before I dropped out to travel across America and make magic my career.”

His own home now is full of gadgets and “TVs that just appear out of nowhere”. But first, he has a tour to finish.

Dynamo’s tour will hit Dublin’s 3 Arena on March 17th. Tickets are on sale now.