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Dubs fans call for boycott in row over flag


Dublin fans have called for a boycott of every retail facility inside Croke Park as a large flag regularly seen at games is no longer allowed on Hill 16.

The massive Dublin flag is traditionally passed across Hill 16 before throw-in at their games at Croke Park.

Last month a (killjoy) spokesman for the GAA said the organisation “issued a directive about the size of items being brought into Croke Park not being bigger than A4 in size”.

“This development followed discussions with statutory bodies in light of well publicised incidents at international venues in recent months.”

Dublin Fire Brigade say large flags should not be allowed into the stadium as they are flammable items which could pose a fire risk.

Now Dubs fans say they plan to stage their boycott during Dublin’s upcoming All-Ireland quarter-final meeting with either Down, Armagh or Monaghan which will include all bars, shops and fast food stalls inside the stadium.

A statement posted on social media this morning on behalf of Dublin GAA Supporters Pages said:

“Yesterday’s announcement that the large Dublin flag regularly seen at games would not be allowed on Hill 16 any longer was the latest in a long line of ridiculous rules and regulations for supporters who attend Hill 16 on match day.

“Unnecessary searches even before the new safety rules came in, caps taken off bottles of minerals, flags banned and a huge perspex screen are just some of the unnecessary ‘safety measures’ we have had to contend with.

“Yet the GAA and Croke Park have no issue leaving stairwells and fire exits blocked during games along with keeping us penned in behind the perspex screen.

“Where are the perspex screens for the other stands? Yesterday’s banning of the large flag has led us to finally say enough is enough.”

The statement then goes on to outline what measures the fans plan to take to protest against the decision to ban the flag.

“We as social media pages that represent Dublin GAA supporters are therefore calling on all Dublin GAA supporters to boycott every retail facility inside Croke Park on August 5th.

“We would urge you all to bring your own food and drinks and not contribute one cent to the bars, shops and every other outlet inside Croke Park.

“We regret any loss to the franchises involved but the continued disregard for supporters has forced us to call for this action. This is the only action possible that allows us to protest while also allowing us to support our team.

“We will continue the call for this boycott until the GAA addresses supporters concerns and may take further action in the form of boycotting games at Croke Park in the future if our pleas fall on deaf ears.”