Dublin South West Cross Party calling for the release of Ibrahim Halawa

Dublin South West Cross Party are calling for the release of Ibrahim Halawa. As the elected deputies for Dublin South West, Ibrahim’s home constituency, the group are especially concerned for his wellbeing and his basic human rights. The party include Colm Brophy TD (Fine Gael), Sean Crowe TD (Sinn Fein), John Lahart TD (Fianna Fail), Paul Murphy TD (AAA) and Katherine Zappone TD (Independent).

Ibrahim Halawa was 17 at the time of his arrest for taking part in a protest in Cairo. He has now spent almost three years behind bars without trial or due process. He is being tried as part of a mass trial of almost 500 people and his case has now been adjourned 13 times. 

Amnesty international have documented evidence of his innocence and have made him a 
‘Prisoner of conscience. London-based human rights group ‘Reprieve’ have spoken out concerning the ill treatment of Ibrahim and other prisoners. The Law Society of Ireland has also described his case as a clear case of arbitrary detention.

The Dublin South West Cross Party said:

“Ibrahim is just one person among some 40,000 people who have been arrested in Egypt in the last number of years as part of a major clampdown by the current regime on any opposition or democratic protest. This is a major concern for us. 
As the elected deputies for Dublin South West, Ibrahim’s home constituency, we are especially concerned for his well being and his basic human rights.

“Considering all of these factors we call on the Egyptian authorities for the immediate and unconditional release of Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa. We also call on all Dáil deputies to support Ibrahim and to ensure that 
his release is a priority for the next government and we ask the Dáil to follow the example of the European Parliament and to pass a cross-party motion of support for Ibrahim and to seek his release as a matter of urgency.”