Dublin set to get two Luke Kelly statues


You wait over thirty years for a Luke Kelly statue then two come along at once.

Since the great man passed away in January 1984 at the tragically young age of 43, his home city has failed to erect a statue in his honour.

Numerous people have tried but somehow there was always some stumbling block in the way.

Now Dublin is getting two Luke Kelly statues but their locations have yet to be decided on.

Luke was born in Lattimore Cottages, Sheriff Street in 1940 and attended the Laurence O’Toole School in the North Strand as a child.

In 1953 the Dublin Corporation moved the family to Larkhill near Whitehall when their flat was destroyed in a fire, but he continued to attend O’Toole’s by taking a bus there every day. 

Dublin City Council has broken its own rules to allow two memorials after Luke’s family said they were unhappy with the modern artwork commissioned by the local authority.

City Arts Officer Ray Yeates says the second more traditional statue will be erected somewhere else.

“The Kelly family would like to have it close to Stephen’s Green.

“That’s a very crowded area, probably very difficult to achieve.

“The commissioner of the second statue would like to have it on South King Street.

“Again… not sure if it’s feasible.”