Dublin MEP calls on Irish mobile providers to ditch roaming charges for Summer 2016

Roaming charges on holiday can be very pricey as we all know and there’s been a lot of talk about dropping roaming charges in Europe over the last year. Indeed, Fine Gael MEP for Dublin, Brian Hayes, called on Irish mobile phone providers to abolish roaming charges by this Summer. The Dublin MEP made his comments as mobile provider EIR (formerly Eircom) confirmed they were abolishing their roaming charges in time for this Summer.

Hayes said:

“Under EU law the abolition of roaming charges will become a reality from Summer 2017. From next month the cost of roaming will be reduced again, as part of the phasing out agreement. Irish people who use their mobile phones abroad after April 30th will now pay the domestic price plus a maximum of 5 cent a minute to make a call, 2 cent to send a text and 5 cent per megabyte of data.”

He said that while any reduction is welcome he is calling on providers to bring forward the abolition of these “rip-off charges.”

“Despite our best efforts to limit our usage, Irish customers will still face charges higher than normal. These rip-off charges have existed long enough and there is now an opportunity for mobile providers in Ireland to get ahead of the rest of Europe by agreeing to abolish roaming charges in time for this Summer.”