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Dublin is second most desired city for US start-ups to base their European headquarters


A new report says that when US state-up companies look to establish headquarters in Europe, London is the most popular choice with Dublin just behind it in second place.

The report, titled Expanding into Europe, was carried out by venture capital firm Index Ventures, and gave the reasons for Europe’s popularity in the introduction.

“When it’s time to expand internationally, Europe remains the first and best choice for most companies.
“The maturity of Europe’s economies, the similarity of its consumers and businesses to the U.S., the stability of its legal systems, and its respect for intellectual property rights all combine to make it the top option.
Of the 31 companies surveyed, 17 chose London because “the U.K.’s capital city is not only Europe’s wealthiest and most cosmopolitan, but its high concentration of financial companies and other big corporations with ample IT budgets make it the natural choice for any company in the fintech or enterprise space.”

Dublin came in second as “it has for 20 years been the choice of large U.S. tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce with strong customer support and inside sales needs. It also has the lowest corporate taxes in Europe (12 percent). So if customer support is your priority, which often it is, start with Dublin.”

Dublin also got recommended because salaries here are “more reasonable than London.”

The report also estimated that Dublin and Berlin are cheaper than London to operate in.